Okay, I am looking at improving my “persuasive sketch style” something i have never really focused on in the past. The attachment represents my current skills applied to a basic geometric shape on a sketch that took about 20 minutes with a simple layout (not a real design ). What I am looking for is feed back on how to take it to the next level and provide that sex appeal through the use of medium that can so many times help to sell an ideal.

My logic for the shape is that if one can make a simple form like this look sexy then all input can be applied to more advanced concepts.

All input and criticism is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Chevis W.

first off, the brown background is kind of a downer here. Second, the geometric cylinder with half sphere tip is not that exciting. ( I know you’re trying to go in little steps…) Third, your orthographic views are explanatory but not that interesting. Your shading could be amped up a lot too. It’s tough with a cylinder but find the really dark darks, and really light lights. The find the reflected light, etc.

Here’s what I’d try. Find a more exciting form to draw. Draw it in a really interesting and dynamic perspective. Your line quality is pretty good but I think you can get even more out of it. Push your shading contrast. Add “glare highlights” and sharp reflections. Use some juicier colors and pick something that glows. Find all your cast shadows and use them compositionally and value wise to make the page yell. Don’t be afraid to erase back some of the color to get a crisp edge.

On the green drawing, the segment highlight will be on the top edge of each section. You have it on the bottom edge of each section.

On the expanded drawing, the ellipses would get larger the farther they are from your eye line (which seems to be at the top rounded section).

If you are going to color with marker or photoshop etc, don’t use the pen shading. If you do, let the shading lines follow the curved form so it doesn’t make it look flat!!

Also, the lines that make the ellipse can be thicker on the shadow side rather than in the middle like you have it.
This weight of a line can reinforce your shadow areas.