Critique Styles....

There has been some discussion with several members of core around the style of critiques that are being given currently…Since this is a heavy topic of debate I would like to open this up for discussion and see what people feel…As always be honest but most importantly be respectful…


crit is much different on core than what it is on many forums. I respect and get more out of core posts than many forums. In the responses you get there are few “oh that is sic, or very cool. dope” and more thorough posts. Whether it be good or bad most cases it is constructive and a lesson, tip, advice can be used.

as far as posts with crit I have noticed a couple styles.

  1. post pic and lil to no descriptions written about the design/project.
    when this is done, we mainly go off of what we see and have to do more thinking on our parts/ guessing to fig., out if this was the intent etc.

  2. asking for questions about work and how they could get help but post none of there work.
    this is probably the most difficult and we try to ask for more info and leave responses to try and help, this is more of a shot in the dark

  3. post lil to no work but have long explanations on the work.
    this is seldom not seen as much but can be helpful to understand in words a full description. For me I will read all, but visuals to aid in the descriptions is helpful. I think if this is the way the posts are given with always long explanations and not much work being seen, maybe as the person posting they should plan out when they are going to post work and have it more organized a thought or questions to ask. I am at fault for this. I have been known once or twice to have lengthy explanations and then sketches posted one day and then some more random ones another… It can be tough to wait to post your ideas until they are as one story an then post.

  4. post work and descriptions: with also questions raised for us to look at and see where the person posting the project maybe needs help or suggestions.
    for me this is a great way to get feedback.

I think many times people don’t post sketches/ work because of maybe they are worried of the feedback that could be given. I think this shouldn’t be an issue, we are all here to learn and give back. I was once told from a teacher that it is better to be told what is wrong than to always be told what is right. because when you know what is wrong you can begin to fix it, and you become better.




Good points. I think it is best to have a concise visual presentation (not pages and pages of sketches) and a concise verbal description (I’m not reading a novel, let me know your intent, if you have any questions, what you are trying to improve… bullet points are great)

But I think the bigger issue that Jay is getting at is not how people post their work, but how they post their feedback. A little sarcasm is great (we are all looking to be entertained) but some people go over the top with outright derogatory comments. I’ve also seen people discouraging those who give constructive feedback, calling it fake, or rosy, whatever.

Feedback is about encouragement, not discouragement. That means taking a second to find out where the person is at (highschool, freshman, etc) and curving your feedback based on that. Finding what did they do that was right, even if it was only the fact that they mustered up the courage to post, and giving them a handful of pointers to improve on.

We where all newbies at some point. Remember that.

That’s my take on the situation.

DV & YO,

Thanks for the great insights fellas. It seems that few people care to do the appropriate fact finding when giving a crit. I agree that you should know exactly what’s wrong with your work…But unfortunately people sometimes make it seem as if something is wrong with the person posting…That’s not cool. Digital courage comes a dime a dozen but a real man/woman who is honestly interested in improving the design community should be willing to check themselves before they potentially offend someone based on a post. I have “PM’ed” several “sarcastic” posters and ask them to display their work and show us ALL how it is suppose to be done. Lets see if anyone accepts that offer and post. I hope they do. This will be a good chance to either see some amazing work or see who has been using core to bully individuals in a safe environment.


Coach Carter.