Critique needed on Tea Shop logo

Hello all. This is my very first post on a core77 board. Certainly looking forward to getting to know you all and contributing to the boards. At the moment, I’m working on a brand identity design for a local tea shop as an assignment for my type 3 course. Attached is what I have so far and wanted to receive to some feedback on how it could be improved or find out what’s not working.

I did want to know if it makes sense to leave the two additional circular lines on the logo.( to the right.)
Or, should I keep it simple and stay with the bold circle line instead. (as seen on the left.)

The tea shop is for local neighborhood tea enthusiasts. The target in this neighborhood is for a mixed crowd of Hispanics. Hence, I tried to add relajare té (relax yourself) in the tag line to add in something that implied English and Spanish speakers would understand.

Without writing too much I hope I could get some good feedback and see where I could go with this.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. See image attached. *Note white lines over logos are part of the design.

Maybe try the right one but switch the rings, so the bolder one is on the inside and the thin one is on the outside?

I like both, in which case simpler is better.

If they are supposed to be tea bags, maybe add the string and tag somehow into the design?


I prefer the left one as well. Just seems more modern and serious. I can see that one filled with young professionals with laptops.
The right one could be viewed as a cup of tea from the top. You could add a handle to the cup to make it more quirky if you were chasing that. I can see that one being filled with smaller companies in comfy sofas… perhaps more appropriate for the “chat and sip and relax” ? Ofc I have no idea what your Hispanic audience prefers, these are just my Scandinavian opinions :wink:

The white lines over logo on the left goes over the leaf and on the right it goes over the letters, I think it should not go over them, which will make design more catchy. By the way I will prefer one on the right. Amazing work.

Wow! Thanks everyone for the feedback. I’ll try adding a string and tag. Hopefully it won’t come out looking too funky.
I’ll post results as soon I get the one on the left updated. Just wanted to send a quick thanks before I started working on it again.

Looking forward to see the final result!

Welcome Jay, nice direction, palette, and feel overall.

Of the two, I prefer the left side, just reads a little simpler. That said, as engio mentioned, the right side version with the white border gives the impression of looking down into a cup, which I like and would lean towards emphasizing. You could do it by adding a hint of handle on the side or by decentering the outer darkened ring, sort of creating a cast shadow that a cup lip would make on the top surface of the tea. Adding some asymmetry with a handle could also help get your eye to move down to the text below too; which maybe a tad small and lonely down there right now.

I’m really not getting the diagonal white lines…

Yes maybe the diagonal lines are out of place. What is the rationale behind them?

Looked to me like those thin lines were more of a watermark than a design element.

Looked to me like those thin lines were more of a watermark than a design element.

dither… …

I know you probably did not select the name, but I’m getting some subliminal “Catsup” out of it… . :unamused:

I’m a fan of the left, as well. However, I don’t think the tag works in that font. Also, I’d add a touch more space between relajare and té. Right now it looks like it’s supposed to be one word, but the t shifted over too far.

Thanks Brett!

Interesting take on the hint of the handle with the cast shadow.
I do agree that the tag line seems isolated.

Hey Nurb, What do you mean by the tag? Relajare té will be adjusted.
Thanks for your input on that.

That’s right. Please pardon my insecruity. But I’m all new to participating on online boards.

Tag, Tagline, slogan, etc. You got it.

Brett nailed it. The right design is much more interesting and with some tweaks could be a great design. Be careful though when going in the direction of the cup that you do not over do it. A simple drop shadow and a hint at the cup much like mentioned by Brett is all you need. Remember this is just a logo. Logos are printed in many sizes on many different forms of media. The simpler the better. That being said what are the plans for this logo? Have you taken into account everywhere you plan for it to be printed? Napkins,cards, menus,signage,etc…

Overall I think it is a pretty good design. I would love to see you explore it in context. I think this will help the exploratory and assist you in the proper design. Also do you have any of the background work (sketches, moods, etc…)? It would be great to see the progression and how you got to where you are now.

Just my 2 cents. Can’t wait to see the next round.

Hey guys… I had login issues and finally got that all worked out. Please take a look what the outcome of my above logo. Behance

Any additional feedback will be greatly appreciated!

I think the overall identity turned out pretty nice. There’s a couple little things here and there that could use some nudging, but overall nice set of stuff and execution. The poster with the blocks might be a little too In Yo Face! for a tea shop.

What made you move to the cranberry red color?

Thanks Brett. I initially wanted to go ahead with the brown instead of the maroon/ reddish color for the logo but the professor (that was leading the course this project was for) mentioned the warm cranberry color would be a better fit. What do you think? Come to think of it now the poster does seem a bit too extravagant.

I prefer the brown.

To me, the red doesn’t really connect with anything tea or coffee related . Except for some of those bright magenta herbal teas that Starbucks sells.