Critique my work

Hey all. Its been awhile since I’ve had a good critique session since I graduated about a year ago. I’d appreciate it if anyone would like to take a look at my work and portfolio and just tell me the first things that come to their minds. (or the last!).


i love your web site desgn but you need a faster connect to view the images. most people I know are not very patient. I looked at 2 logos, and it seems you have consistancy.

I like your site, very edgey! Really I have no complaints but I would probobly ad some traditional logos to your collection. I know we live in a multimedia world and we can use gradients because we all look at advertisinf through monitors. Yet you still need to devlop 2 or 3 traditional logos like Saul Bass and Paul Rand style. Ex. Girl scout of america logo, IBM etc…

I like your posters but i wish there was a little more and don’t be afraid to show different styles. You don’t ever want to be type cast (your work at least.)

But overall got MAD Skillzzz