critique my work...

as a recent ID grad i need assistance in focusing on how to best bridge the gap between design student and professional designer.

i appreciate any advise, criticism, or if any is warranted, praise of my portolio.

I think you need more examples of your school works.
Put more conceptual stuffs to show your intellectual side,
put more form and color oriented works to show your sensitivity and
aesthetics. I only see two ID samples but it look unfinished design to me.
Where is foam or computer rendered realistic models along with
explosion view to represent the machanical possibility.

Since it is your personal works, I think you can go bit more extreme and
fun. Represent your youth and what you have inside of your brain.
Don’t just post what you learnt in school as other 1000th of ID kids.
Show the difference.

yea, well it is incomplete really, the site, not the projects, but ive just come into a lot of free time to shuffle through backup cds and stacks o sketches to fill in things.

if you want to see more of my “youth” whatever that is, well there are some absurdities tucked away off the front page
and by absurdities i mean those youthful things that make me smile, like ridiculous animations and the like…but thanks for your time guest person