Critique my work! - Please give me any feedback about my website or the work contained in it!!! - criticism welcome!

“A User Experience Designer”

  • you must still be in school.


“…design a user-friendly digital interface.”

your work seems pretty good, but you don’t show any process, or very little (the iomega project).

and you designed really nice websites ( and for the hulk) they looked clean, crisp, simple (but still popped), i liked that.

you should design a nice website for yourself. it just seemed boring and cluttered compared to the rest. no pop.

gave it a redesign.

what d’ya think?

your work shows promise.
but overall it lacks punch and flair.

are you using this to go for a job? if so it just doesnt cut.
you dont show a diverse range of skills.

websites look good though. show the process u wen through to come to dat solution.

and put some sketches there. employers always like sketches.

you need to do more work on your folio.

why does it take an eternity to open up?
gees! u think ppl have this much time to waste?
a product been designed and produced by the time your folio loads up.

ill wait a couple of months till it opens then ill give u feedback.

Try to do someting personal. That is just for your self, and you really don’t care what people think about it.

thesupermarket Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2005 11:32 am Post subject:

  • you must still be in school.

As in 6th grade school??!!!

I think there are many human errors in the world that are covered on the cost of others because those many are obliged to do things they don’t want to do for the money and the belief that money promises luxuries, so they tend to find value in what has been produced in the labor of other men. I don’t like that, not more than any one could.