Critique My Teapot!

So I finally finished my first semester in AAU and this teapot from my Model Making 1 class is what I’m really most proud of right now. I’ve managed to put it in a Coroflot site as a start off piece for my future work.
But creating a portfolio is still vague to me as I’ve read and seen many people’s work on here and a lot of people have mentioned showing “Process” and hopefully someone can clarify what “Process” exactly means? I’m stuck between whether I have to show ideations or whether to show pictures of steps on how I made my teapot. I actually took a lot of pictures of my teapot in its different stages and put them on Flickr, but I was wondering if I should put them on Coroflot as well?

Well, hopefully you guys can critique my teapot because I really want a designer’s perspective on it.


Flickr: (Is this what process is?)

showing your process means to show evidence of the research you did looking at other teapots, manufacturing techniques, available materials, things that you saw that you though it would be cool if a teapot looked like. Then you show evidence of the sketching of the ten to twenty completely different teapots you sketched up, and then you show the 3-5 you chose to refine through more sketching and rough modeling. No one really cares to see just the orange teapot, maybe some people don’t even agree that its that good looking or effective. You show the process to show them that even though they don’t like your teapot, you know how to frame up a problem, solve it with more that one solution and then pick the best one. You show process to tell the story of why you think an orange art deco looking teapot is the best solution to the problem.

theres always alot of talk about process. Like how did you get from a to b. See most people follow a particular order of doing so - a somewhat repeatable method if you will (although it’s really NEVER the same).

i think you’re showing modelmaking process (which is what your class was about right?) when people talk about process they want to see you design process, like carton said,which can include modelmaking - but most importantly highlights the descisions you made along the way - and even better yet helps to justify those descisions.

As a major tea-drinker, I give your tea-pot a two thumbs up.

What’s it made out of?

Okay, I guess I understand what you guys mean.
Let me put this in perspective.
Our teacher made us do a scale model of our teapot and I couldn’t figure out a way to put a handle on my scale model. And also the lines on my scale model were sharper than my final one… Would it be good to show my scale model in comparison to my final model in my portfolio? Because in my final model, I managed to add the handle and also I smoothed out the radial curves that you see in the side view.
But actually, I think I’m getting ahead of myself here because this was only my first semester and we were basically shown the basics in model making.

Trendlover: It’s made out of instacast and the lid is made out of bondo… nothing special :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers for the help you guys :slight_smile: