critique my sketches

some critique would be nice. i’ll be a sophmore at ccs in trans. i’m a little rusty and trying to get back in the swing of things for school.


104 views…anything? i need to get MUCH better to make it to junior trans :confused: :neutral_face:

okay i’ll go first, my elipse are a little off, need to pratice those

line quality is allright but still need to work on it

i think my designs are good but need to stop drawing coupes andwork on suvs, hatchbacks and sedans

104 views…anything? i need to get MUCH better to make it to junior trans

you are likely to get more responses at places like these:

the wheels are a lil’ big, but everybody does there wheels big and these are sketches anyway. i would say work on the perspective your not all that off, just do some ovelays of some of these and you should be good to go…

The sketch quality is pretty good, esp for someone entering their sophomore year.

Things to look for.

Proportions: some look a bit narrow, some wide. Its good to exaggerate, but control it and make it work for your design.

I know these are just sketches, but work on making the who’s what’s where’s and why’s more obvious. Everyone wants to design generic sports cars, what makes these different? What if it where a sustainable eco sportscar? What would that look like? What about a safety sports car? What might a family car for the next generation of parents need to be? Explore more than just speed forms… but keep on sketchin’ good work, don’t let yourself get rusty!

Yo had great advice on context.

But as far as the sketches themselves, you know you’ve got a pretty good handle on line weight. Scratchy sketchiness is fun to imply motion, but clean them up a little. Use lighter lines for details.

Nice work overall! You’ve definitely got drawing skilz.