Critique Mikael Axelssons portfolio

Hey guys! I’m new to this forum, so I thought I start with posting my newly finished portfolio for some critique. I would appreciate critique about the content as well as the layout.

my portfolio:


Definitely some strong work in your portfolio. I like the layout of the site, found it easy to get around.
I liked the depth of the projects, taking us all the way from sketch to final prototype with considerations for mass manufacturing-- really nice to see.
For the WESC project I really liked the depth of the project, but I still don’t know how the Walkie-talkie function is used? There are no visible buttons other than themp3 controls.
Also you may want to go through your text again and double checking your spelling, stumbled across a couple of mistakes.

I’ll stick to the layout to start with:

Pretty straightforward and clean from a visual standpoint. I would keep your name in that Flash piece in the top the whole time… Maybe just a bit smaller. Your work is well recorded.

The layout looks really sharp. The only thing I would coment on is there is not a lot of sketches and ideation work in your portfolio. This would be really great to see as all of you final products are pretty nice.

choto: thanks for the kind words, considering the Walkie-talkie function for the WESC project, it’s a push to talk button “CONSPIRE” button on one of the sides. But you can also choose to use VOX function (voice control) buy changing mode, using the scroll wheel underneath the LCD display. I might explain that a little bit better in the portfolio.
I’ll check the spelling again, thanks.

Josh eyre: I’ll have a look at that. Thanks a lot for the critique.

PackageID: I think I haven’t put that much sketches in the portfolio because I know that it’s not my strongest point. I have no problems putting my ideas on paper, but the sketches looks far from amazing. I’ll try to work on the sketching and put more sketches up from now on. Thanks for the comment.

Hey möggel, Love the WESC project, presentation is really nice, just think it’s a shame that all your sketches seem so bunched up, it’s good to see the concept generation, but I feel that some of your better sketches are lost a little.

I also wonder if you could re-word the profile section in profile, I think you could sell yourself better.

Really nice work though, nice and simply presented. I think that the moving banner at the top works really nicely.

Good work.