Critique me

I just posted some teasers on my corfolio. Please let me know if it looks good or what I can do to improve. These plan to be mail out teasers. More to come.



The arch blinds look good - I feel like I understand the process from idea generation to final model. The salt and pepper shakers, though, I’m not really sure what you were trying to achieve or what the final result was. Work on the hierarchy and clarify which design you ended up picking. Maybe add a line of text to each of the teasers in which you summarize the project brief.

Just updated them. let me know what you think.

Nice work and layout. You did a great job showing a process as well as the end result. You do need some more projects though, keep filling up that portfolio.

Nice. I like the S&P design a lot.

Great process and content, I feel like you are trying to stuff to much onto one page though and they lack focus.

Use white space, design the page, the shape of the composition… Think of it like choosing the strongest, most dynamic leading actor you can, and support him with good character actors in lesser roles.

Good design work! A little presentation design will really make it shine.

Thanks for the advice guys. I have other projects to post so I will keep it coming.