what are some typical things said during art/design crits?

could be funny or serious

“what is it?”


“were you listening”

“couldn’t walk past that without wanting to go to the bathroom”

Does it come in “nice?”

Favorites from the Emily Carr Institute…

Hmmm… I like what you have done with the negative space.

Yes - It’s the strokes that you “didn’t use” that make this great.

One of my instuctors often said

“Son, stop talking, if you keep trying to pollish that turd, the only thing you’ll have is shit all over your hands”

“You’re trying to stuff 10lbs of shit into a 5lb bag!”

“so thats the final shape then…”

You’re thinking too much, stop all that “designy” b.s. and just make some cool shit, that’s what we do.

“can you make it look a little more, uh, non-calm?”

“where is the tow hook? it is a barge isn’t it?”

“what kind of animal is it??!!”

“So what?!”

Usually spells disaster.

wow…is your perspective off, or is this an asymetrical design??’

When you finally nail the assignment. “Well, even a blind pig finds an acorn.”

“That’s preeeeeeetty good”

I thought it was funny that people would make up terms to describe the overall form, for example: “Schmooly” and “Designerly”

“If this was a professional design practise you’d have had you’re second warning and be out on yer arse”

(After an ID student decided to do his sketch wrk in black pencil on balck paper) “So what drugs made this alright?”

“So you thought that would be a good idea for a new product? Shit, that’s as bad as if I were to design and automatic baby killer. Good luck having anyone take you serious.”

“It’s like I gave you a hundred dollars to invest, and you though it would be a good idea to burn it”

“What makes this the worst project in the class is that you actually had a good idea and blew it, unlike these other idiots who didn’t even have that”

… good times.

“Wow thats nice, very expressionistic. I can feel it just by looking at it. For an Illustrator is great, you really can grasp the tension on the surfaces…For a designer its a pile of sh*t.”

" …I have no clue what that surface is doing, wait, its breathing isn’t it?!"

“you perspective may work on Saturn but here in the thrid dimesion we have certain immutable rules…”

“What have you spent my $15000 on? Cocaine?!”

“How are you going to make that? From Unobtianium?!”

“No, No, No, No, NO! what the No No,… tell you what Ill go back out and come back in and you’ll have it done right,…”

“the vernacular is really speaking to the use of form”

nice shoes, do they come in mens?

is that the final shape? (upon receipt of off tool parts)

your ellipse is showing

that would look really good… in ze eighteeez

hmmm what would phillipe do?

yuk, i can see your ellipse

i know a really good way to improve your concept, its called “shaaaaddup”