Critique away

I’m asking for no holds barred…go for it I’m ready to hear it.

i’ve got it linked to my tumblr :
or you can grab it directly

A far as start to finish work within the portfolio I think I may be a bit lacking…at school our projects tend to average 4 weeks so it is difficult to really finnish anything. Is this a huge problem? … if it is really needed I could probably find some spare time to kick out some renders or more complete models.

I’m also curious about the length. I’ve cut down to showing process on only three of the projects, and haven’t shown two other projects good enough to be there. Is it a good length as it is now, or should I beef it up with some more content?

Thanks guys

edit: ok, so tiny_url is getting FUBAR’d with the url tag and becoming “knitting channel”…heres the full thing

Tip #1, don’t make me download anything, I have enough files and icons on my desktop thank you. Take the time and host it for viewing. If I won’t take the time to critique it because I don’t want an extra file, think of all the potential employers that won’t bother either.

thanks I hadn’t thought of that at all. my intent was more to email it to firms as needed, I just hosted it mainly to allow people to grab it here. I’ll consider hosting it somewhere when I get some spare time.

via the power of google here is a temporary web view able [albeit not so nice] version

I reckon you should get in to picture editing/photography instead of product design…your slick photos make you design work look a bit pre school in comparison…nice layout design too.

I completely agree, I was looking at the work and not thinking positively, and then out of nowhere ‘BANG’, awesome photos.

I find the paper size annoying; to view the page fully you have to zoom out a lot, and results in lost detail.

Product work;

Mobile lamp: Don’t get it, what?

Sharpener: It doesn’t seem to progress from what is already available, so why have you designed it the way it is? Seems overcomplicated for what it is.

Coffee Machine: ‘Coffe machines are made of more parts than necessary’ - That seems very assumptive, keep away from making these sort of statements!

Photos; I really like.

‘Anonymous design’ ; Ok, so there is photos and then suddenly out of nowhere something called anonymous design - what is anonymous design? Is it a group of people you design it? Is your PDF file an ‘anonymous design’ portfolio? I don’t get it.

Hey that’s better! Sorry, wasn’t trying to be difficult, having an E-mailer is good to have as well. And don’t forget that you can set up a free portfolio site on Coroflot as well.

I think you’re photography is great, and you’re model making skills are good too. Your use of quotes throughout is a different approach, I used this in a design presentation last year where I slid a quote in every 5 or 6 slides, cool stuff.

You show process with your sketching, but I think you nailed it, taking the time to “kick out some renders” would put some polish on things.

@ luke & georgeous
thanks for the comments, I need to hear it somewhere as I don’t hear it at school. I don’t think photography is a field for me though…I’m only average and don’t have ‘the talk’ element to get jobs [that and I suck at portraits]

for the work, perhaps including more about the project goals would be better? the sharpener is from a form assignment, the lamp is a materials assignment, anonymous was a short lived web project [1 week…got shut down by the host b/c of the swedish IP address it was registered with. I wasn’t willing to photocopy my passport/license/credit card to prove my citizenship]

and of course moving forward in my upcoming project is there anything you could think to tell me to focus on to improve my level of work?

@ greenman,
No worries its good stuff to hear. The possibility of someone ‘stumbling’ across my work is really hindered by only having it in a downloadable format so its something to work on. coroflot is definitely on my list