Critique a go-go (send out PDF)

right guys, ive listened to your ideas from my other portfolios and have come up with a four page PDF that i can send out to some companies, i’m hoping that i can get a graduate position or internship pretty soon. what do you think?

i’d have to say the same thing i said with your full portfolio. great layout, great graphics, but little “meat”. there isn’t a sketch visible in all 4 pages, and i have difficult assessing your full set of skills, aside from graphics. the juicer project for example only shows an out of focus beauty shot and little background of the "material led design: in pics or process.

it’s a good start in terms of layout but i’d suggest to fill it out a bit more. perhaps breaking down the design process an putting pages in to address it would help (ie. research, sketching/concepts, rendering/final design, CAD, modeling, etc.).

I do really like the layout and graphics skills and certainly see your strengths there.


A personal thing, your vector pic of the woman schlepping the thing, has really bad posture. It’s just an observation that I would fix, and the voice bubble on the last page comes from your head, not your mouth. A little odd.