Criticize my designs

Please tell me what you think:

If this doesn’t work, just AIM me and I’ll give you links.

These are my first designs so note that. Also, I have some better painted shoes made but I have to take pictures so look for those soon.

are you mental?

At least get a clean shoe.

I like these images more than the wacko who paints those god awful sneakers.

sorry not a fan of the designs and your craftsmanship is sloppy. start with a clean shoe mask areas off and use leather paint not markers. is a great resource if you want to get into sneaker customization. id say check out that site and read some of the tutorials. good luck, practice, and dont get discouraged it takes time. show us what you come up with next it will be nice to follow your progress.

These are :open_mouth: I would most def cop!

You definitely have promise - maybe some different colors in the future?
Please forward your resume to Insight Product development in Chicago.

Insight Product Development, L.L.C.
4660 North Ravenswood
Chicago, IL 60640

If no one replies - just keep sending.
Send to my attention - Chris Houghton.

I lookk forward to seeing your work.
Awesome man. Really awesome.

Maybe you should CALL the cops… :confused:

that is the greatest post i’ve ever seen here…
not joking

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

d.d and blue corduroy. could you explain why? i dont see anything special, some guy has childishly scribled all over dirty shoes, any kindergarten kid can do that no?

tell me if im missing something here.

its called sarcasm

oh lol

god those renderings look just like the real thing! you even did the little time stamp thning on the photo!

I know most of you were being sarcastic and in general, really unconstructive in your criticism. I’m not that surprised, although I was hoping some people would be a little more helpful. Yes, they are dirty shoes. I’m not rich so I can’t just buy shoes to scribble on, so of course I used my old shoes. The same goes for the lack of good paint. But I didn’t use only markers. It’s just that they are easier to fill in details on due to their finer points. To those that see promise (that is not sarcastically), I will keep working although this isn’t my ultimate goal in life. Like I mentioned before, I have another shoe made that I need to upload pictures of.

Once again, thanks to those that helped and I figure those who thought this was the time to finally, for once, to be smart about something are probably taking out their lack of self-respect on others. If you think I’m not good, why not show me what good is? Anyone can be a jerk but it takes a real artist to make something.

are you messing around or are you just really, really stupid? cos i have seen a lot of bad, stupid shit on this site but this takes the cake.

I mean you take what looks like a whiteboard marker to a pair of worn out reeboks and you expect us to take you seriously? You say you have more to post? do us a favour keep that crap to yourself… And by the way “art” is meant to mean something, all this means is that you have some serious issues.


what is the good stuff you are looking for?
for good shoe designs, go to, artist series.
there are tonnes of links for good footwear sites in this section.

not everybody can buy new sneakers to scribble on, but you dont have to be rich to have clean shoes.
if you have a washing machine, i’d suggest putting them shoes in it. it does a suprisingly good clean up job.

i dont see anything innovative in your designs. are you trying to show us that you can modify shoes, or are you trying to modify shoes.

if it is the former, take a pic of your shoe, print it, trace the linework on a fresh paper, and draw your mods on that. post up the line work asnd include a colour key.
when your designs reach a point when ppl are going gaga over em, you are ready to do a shoe customisations. that is, if you’ve been practise using the leather paints on samples , and working on your craftmanship in parallel.
borrow some cash, buy a new shoe, do your changes in professional material: not markers. and sell it.
use this money to buy another new shoe, and repeat the procedure.
i thought this was fairly obvious, no?

if it is the latter, i dont see the point: it is not very different, not even a good colourway. nobody’s gonna buy a dirty old shoe scribbled with markers. go to sneaker freaker.

hope this helps,

another jerk

ps: your not serious about this then why post it? if you are doing this stuff with passion to excel, good, but the sloppy job makes me question that.

I didn’t realize that I had reached the rich artist spoiled club message boards. I’m guessing all of you, when first starting out, spent your money on the most expensive blank shoes and the most expensive paint, right?

I don’t want to sell my shoes. I’m an artist for art’s sake. Furthermore, I did these largely on a whim. I was hoping for help. Apaprently, this is the wrong place.

Does it say “CUTE” and “2003” in the small inserts on the back of the Reeboks?

I’m sorry that people were so harsh to you in this discussion, but what do you expect? Do a little research on others that are asking for feedback on their footware designs. You can learn alot just observing what others are asking on this site. It looks like you grabbed some shoes out of the trash and scribbled on them for 5 minutes and you are asking people who dedicate their lives to this shit what they think, what did you expect? Put down the the old kicks and pick up a piece of paper, that would be a good start.

Absolutely correct. My first painted pair was a fresh Nike Flightposite. the white colorway with the bitchin Clarion Techno synthetic in silver ($160). My first paints were always Windsor-Newton Master series ($18 to $25 a 100ml tube), with a #2 sable brush ($36)

I did a tasteful rendition of Delacroix’s “Reclining Odalisque” (1827-1828) on the right shoe with a clear varnish; and a very nice copy of Henri Mattise’s “Reclining Odalisque (Harmony in Red)” 1927 en contre on the left shoe.

It was well received at the Salon de Chaussures du Monde in in Paris in 1999 and led to my further employ with a certain snowboarding company, who at the time, was venturing into the footwear market.

I haven’t looked back, up, or upon anyone and have been big in Japan ever since.