Crit me please

Can you crit me please.


Put some some nice skethc work instead of dry CAD rendenders. It took me a while to figure our the ski mask perhaps so an out line of how you would wear it.

The big text USP dont do anything for me but take up valuble space on your board. Whats with the kooky masked out people looks very distracting. so an exploded view and some manufactouring considerations.

Cool Thanks!
I will work on it.

refresher…the signage design work is nice. Not everyday you get to see just how one of those bad boys is put together. Your renderings (especially the headphones) are very foggy. Try to control the quality and the layout so it pops better - little flat right now. For the logo work, if your going to show them, maybe show the process work leading up to the final designs (i.m.o.p. i wouldn’t even show the logos page - use the space for a different project). Nice job, keep it up.

I would like to see more thought process/ sketching/ descriptions in your works.

The signage/ logos could you apply these skills to your other products. Maybe come up with new logos and then place them on your products you have designed…Right now the just 1 signage project kind of sticks-out and doesnt fit in with the other work you have (all prodduct/ then 1 sinage…seems a bit out of balance)

personal opinion… but on your titles/ layout would ease up on the drop shadows.,

keep us posted-


You are right, logos are lame. gone.
Sorry about the fuzzy images, I have better ones in my archives somewhere. I will update those.


I dont think the logos are lame, but I think you can maybe do moreand put in the portfolio/ or intigrate more logo work into your other projects…


agreed. refresher…your logos arent lame! dont get me wrong…if your going to use them just make sure you support them with either process work, or show off your graphic design skills in other projects to maintain consistency within your portfolio.

No its cool! I didnt mean it like that. I really dont want to work on logos anyway, I was just trying to get some different things on the pages.

I think thats a great idea about creating logos to go with the products.
Thanks for all the help!!

It is nice to see some signage in some portfolios…

The design is a perfect fit for the client I’m sure. If you want to see some nice wayfinding work check out

I would re think the page layout all together. Having everyhting confined in it’s own box really limits the page layout and kind of makes it stoic.
The drop shadow on the text and boxes looks sort of hokey. Stay a little more sleek, and clean. Maybe try a new font.

From a project standpoint, I would try to give a lot more process and really outline the user interface. Especially with the headphones. It’s critical to show the thought process on this. Show that you can generate concepts that give thought to how people ar going to interact with them.

not feeling the “boxes” and the shadow all round. maybe improve the visor image quality?
interesting work though.