credit where its due

Hi all!

I got a design job three months ago, and have made some great contributions already, but I’m wondering how to make sure I get credit at review time, since some of my concepts have been finished by others in the group.

How do I make sure that my work isn’t forgotten in light of the final design work sometimes done by others?



When you say your concepts where finished by others… expand on that. Did you do the original concept sketches? The inital renderings? Blirt out something in a brainstorm session that someone turned into a design? What was the level you took it to?

That all depends on your manager. I keep a project log. Basicly telling the amount I spend what happens week to week, etc… This log is more for organization purposes than anything else. This allows you to show what you have done at the end of the year.

…prepare for you anual review like you would for a job interview…get your resume and 'folio up to date and make a ‘this is what i’ve done for you lately’ presentation of it…