Creativity as seen by John Cleese

F***ing awesome:

Thanks for sharing…
Great presence…

A nice blend of sarcastic humour , interesting observations and helpful advice.

Thanking you!

That was fantastic! One of the best, if not the best talk on creativity I’ve ever seen. Specifically on how it relates to the work place, modes of thinking, and collaboration… I caught a bit on praise there too Jon :wink:

Ha! Was there?

I was watching with two screaming kids running around me. I missed a few bits. I’ll have to watch again.

Briefly mentioned in the end, sarcastically, when he is imitating a stuffy bad boss he says to never give praise to anyone.

This was excellent, it sums up a lot of what I believe about design and creativity. His bit on solemnity and power struggle hit home for me.

Worth the 36 min. Watched it yesterday as the start to my day. What I like most is that it’s pretty practical and not at all pontificating or filled with buzzwords or jargon. The exact opposite of what a TED talk on creativity would be.

As well, found it quite illuminating that though he may be speaking about creativity in comedy or acting, it’s general and on point enough to connect with pretty much all forms of creative endeavors. I’m sure he hasn’t a clue about ID or design, but just as relevant, showing the generality of creativity is indeed almost universal and being a creative designer, actor, comedian, engineer or writer probably isn’t that different at a base level.


Yes, I was surprised how practical it was. Extremely applicable. I sent it to all of the execs in my org with the same note about it being worth the 36 minutes.