Creativities Unfold, Bangkok 2006-07

Creativities Unfold, Bangkok 2006-07
When: 06-08 October 2006 | 10:30-21:00
Where: Gallery 2, Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC)

The Value Creation Economy – Why does it matter for Thailand?
Many wonder where exactly we are in the world map. But in the era that technology development can be paralleled in any quarter of the world, the country’s technical skills and cheap labour are no longer competitive advantages.

OKMD has teamed up with TCDC to organise the annual symposium “Creativities Unfold, Bangkok 2006-07 – Perspectives on Value Creation”. The objective is to provide economists, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and designers an insight into the innovative blend of ‘capital’ and ‘creativity’ together with ‘cultural assets’ and ‘unique skills’ – which can be transformed into a distinctive attribute of a product (or service) that is difficult to imitate. The event also means a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and designers to share knowledge and experience as well as to develop new collaborations beneficial to emerging Value Creation Economy.

Topics for discussion encompass everything from rationale behind the Value Creation Economy, applications of Value Creation, loan syndications, strategic fusion of creativity and technology, design with values, to innovation culture, commercialisation of cultural assets, and many more. International speakers include thinkers, policy makers, creatives, designers, CEOs, and global trend analysts.

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