creative space ROI

…in the past i have developed company “creative spaces” or “design trend libraries” (for lack of better terms)…generally i have found them to require a great deal of work to create and keep-up and they never seem to achieve the level of success hoped for…anyone have better experiences with such facilities?..what made it really work?

A good reference is the Corporate Design Foundation in Boston CDF. The focus is design in the business environment but the sub focus is on using space in this context. In general, it is very difficult to foster creativity in beige cookie cutter places. A consulting office in Chicago called “Soultionpeople”, traffics in creativity and a review of thier website will show the space they have developed for exactly that purpose. Also, we sometimes use a space called “Catalyst Ranch” here in Chicago. It is simply a meeting space set up with free form facilities and tools for capturing information and sketches. I think any corporate environment would be improved by like creative space executions whether the ROI is apparent or a soft benifit.By the way, I also have found maintaing these kind of spaces, especially the library, to be a challenge.

Edited- I misunderstood the question, gave this link to an “ideas library” instead.

if you keep adding but never really figure out what you’ve been adding for its gonna be useless imo.

…thanks for good feedback and links…the roi i am looking for is mostly just that people enjoy and use the facility regularly and that the free exchange of ideas will be nurished in general…now if i can only enlist others to help with the gathering, cataloging and maintenance.