Creative meeting space NYC

So I have been put in charge of setting up and hosting a Global Design Team, team building meeting. I am looking for some creative inspiring places to hold this meeting. At the moment I have:

A loft in SOHO
An art gallery
A furniture gallery
Design School

I thought it would be cool to throw it out to the Core gang and see if any of you have any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help.

How many people?

About 15…

Cooper Hewitt
The SoHo Grand Hotel
The Ganservort Hotel
The Ace Hotel

Our group is too small for the MoMA. I have already checked. The Cooper Hewitt is a good idea. I will also check out the others.

Well of course there is no lack of cool places in NYC. Might want to check with the core77 crew. They are based in NYC if I’m not mistaken and I’m sure must have a lock on some nice spots.

How about one of the design schools? Parsons?


This is actually my problem. There are so many great ones, and so much there that it is hard to pin one down. Contacting the Core77 gang is a great idea. I will shoot Stu an email. Thanks for the suggestion.

The Standard Hotel
Material Connexion