creative/entrepreneurial guy with an MBA wants to do design?

I know similar questions have been asked a million times, but i will ask again, because i think my situation is different…

I have a bachelors in business, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship/Marketing from an OK school. I have always been passionate about design/color/texture, and always have been very 3D-oriented (i did sculpting for fun when i was a kid, making cars, houses, other objects with modeling clay and so on) I’ve been considering doing design for a while, but its a little scary in terms of switching around, yet i really want to do it.

I guess i am trying to figure out if

a. i should go to a masters program such as IIT’s that will teach the foundation to me, in addition to grad courses.
b. if my background makes sense with a design degree…

I don’t envision really working for a large corporation/consultancy after graduation, but instead doing something more entrepreneurial, like developing and marketing my own products/concepts/etc. Does that make sense?

there are literally hundreds of excellent designers currently looking for work…i would suggest that you consider teaming up with one and co-develope a project of mutual interest…you could start by searching coroflot…this would give you real world experience in product design and you might find out where your real interest and talent is…

I think that is a good sugestion.

I also think, esp. considering that you are not planning on working with other designers long term, that you should at least get a Masters from a school that teaches you how to manage the creative proccess.

There are plenty of designers with undergrads in business and masters in design, and vise-versa.

hmm interesting suggestions so far, any other opinions?

i just think that if i combine the creative part of the design with business skills, it will come out well…

creativity is everywhere, succesful people in any discipline are generally creative.

ID is a passion, if you have to question whether it’s right or not - don’t go into it.

i love those easier-said-than-done, draconian advice (if that).


where did you get your MBA?
do you have any ideas what FIELD of design/products you would like to tap into?
clay and modeling?

i have researched IIT myself as i thought it would make sense given my background in business and my desire to do something entrepreneurial. i’m leaning against it because i feel that since i already have a solid background in business, it would probably make more sense to further develop my design skills. i think that a solid foundation in pure design will probably train me to think of and recognize good design ideas. many people have suggested IIT to me though - telling me that it will teach me to manage the entire design process. i feel that their product design classes, however, are not as strong as their other classes though and this concerns me. where are you in your thinking now? it’s interesting to hear of somebody in a similar situation

well i guess i am going to go to their open house on thursday and go from there.

of the IIT open house? would love to hear your thoughts…