Creation of Concept

I come from a footwear background but love seeing the stuff created from the minds of car designers.
Having never seen how they create the concept cars I thought that this was really amazing.
Not a million miles away from the creation of footwear, but I’m sure it takes a hell of a lot longer.
Really nice looking car also looks like the designer had fun

The rest of the images can be found here:


Albeit that’s a very nice looking car and project, it is not a concept. It’s a restyling of the same old car we’ve known for decades.
It has 4 wheels a steering wheel and it takes you from point A to B with the additional passenger. And yes it’s power-source is a fuel-cell…which is the only innovative aspect of this car. I’d wish they reinvent the car…An answer to the real problems we have with cars. Congestion, non-active, parking, pollution, etc…

Still nice pics :wink:



The alternative fuel source is answering one item on your list, pollution.

Thanks for sharing the process shots. Always cool to see. I’m not a fan of the design, a bit too over the top, but very nice to get an inlet behind the scenes.