Creating your own design project brief

Hey guys, I want to ask about making your own project briefs when you are trying to do a side project.

For example, I am in an advanced art class in my senior year at high school. We do a year long type project on whatever we like and then it shows at a gallery. I for sure it will be doing something transportation design related.

My question is, should I just make some briefs and design cars for them or redesign current vehicles? My other idea was to design 2-3 vehicles if I made my own company. I would design it from the ground up, logos, branding, etc.

So, any suggestions guys? I would like this to play a big part in my portfolio for art school.

Comments and ideas would be great!

I think setting out to create a brand would be a much more interesting piece for a college admissions reviewer to look at.


research: get out there and talk to people, chart where gaps are in the market, document some technology and alternative energy sources

insights: draw some conclusions on what you learned, IE, based on what I’ve learned I see a need for a new brand the represents XYZ to make a one person commuter vehicle for people living in the East Bay but working in downtown SF, and also a ride share specific vehicle with community access and capabilities to go to home despot and short weekend trips with the family.

design: flush out the branding, the vehicles, the dealership, the website…

that would be a killer entry portfolio project.

Thanks for the response Yo!

I do think it would be a very enjoyable project as well as good for my portfolio.

My only worry is like inspiration for them, design wise. I understand I would research and talk to people about what they want and need. So I’m assuming the inspiration would come from certain aspects on what the customer would like?