creating wax material in alias

Hi, just wondering if anyone out there knew how to create a wax (candle) material in alias. I’ve played around with the translucency depth but havent been able to create a very good wax. tks

I feel your pain. The translucency settings in AliasStudio require a lot of adjustment.

Are you just trying to create a candle or something else with a similar simple shape? If so, you can use shader incandescence to simulate translucency and sub-surface scattering. It’s a trick I just learned as well. In the following image, I projected a ramp onto the colum in the Incandescence parameter of the shader.

If you’re actually looking to create a waxy material for an object with a difficult-to-texture shape, I’m afraid the translucency settings are your only option (that I know of) in AliasStudio. Have you tried looking up those settings and options in the help docs? They are outlined there.

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