creating realistic fabric in aliasstudio and imagestudio. ?

I have modelled a piece of furniture in aliasstudio and i want to render it in either aliasstudio or imagestudio.
the piece will be upholstered, probably with a cotton/polyester mix.
does anyone have any tips for creating a realistic fabric shader?
or should i try to create a texture in aliasstudio instead?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

here is a link to a sofa covered in the type of fabric i want to emulate:

You can use Imagestudios default cloth shader, the secret to getting it to look realistic will be getting a texture that looks correct.

I would search around google for some existing fabric textures, and modifying them to suit your needs (a little color tweaking in Photoshop goes a long way). Judging by the pics you have a very fine texture you want to replicate, so you’ll want the U/V repeats to be fairly high. It will take some playing around to get something that looks the way you want, but it’s doable without needing to try and create your own shader.

thanks for the tip!
I shall play around with imagestudios default cloth shader and some textures that i find on the internet.

I did this in image studio, Its one of the default plastic shaders that I messed with for a while. I set up a cue of about twenty of’em and then let’em run over night to see what I liked.

After I might have taken it into photoshop, added noise and blurred too but I can’t remember.

Good luck.

thanks colin. that imagestudio polymer shader looks pretty good! i will try tweaking them tomorrow.