Creating parametric relationships in Pro E

Can any Pro E users tell me if you can create parametric relationships in Wildfire between surfaces or objects that have been created in another 3D programme (Maya)

Absolutely. If you have a specific example, I can help.

great question. Dealing with import geometry takes some innovation.

First if you bring in a maya import via iges or step do so relative to a specific CSO in Pro/E Wildfire. In that way you can move the import around in your model. I usually break imports into logical compartments. For example if you are bringing in a water filter you may want some parametric control over the height of the product. In this case you would bring in the lower to one CSO and the upper and tie that to a different CSO. With this whole separate Coordinate system game you can even pattern IGES imports.

MAYA by the way is absolutely under used for product design with respect to Pro/ENGINEER. Who would think a designer can start with a polygon cube and end up with a bad ass chair that is shelled in Pro/E.

I’ve actually demonstrated that functionality here.

Thanks for the offer I am currently getting to grips with creating surfaces in Style /ISDX but would appreciate assistance later in the project when I start to import Maya data

I aim to use poly trans plug-in to export the Maya data but have relatively little experience in Pro-E. Could you explain in more specific detail the process of establishing the parametric controls using seperate CSO’s and any subsequent problems I may encounter with the import geometry.

I’m pretty sure you lose all of your parametric relationships from Maya when you export the file regardless of format. I’m not a Maya user, so I may be wrong about that. I’m basing that statement on the fact that I have never seen a reliable file conversion that maintains parametric relationships. Everyone tries, but it’s never a slam dunk.

That isn’t to say you won’t get good geometry out of Maya and into Pro/E. I have heard good things about the data exchange for Pro/E.

Can any Pro E users tell me if you can create parametric relationships in Wildfire between surfaces or objects that have been created in another 3D programme (Maya)

maya is not parametric. niether are max, lightwave, or softimage. i don’t know about rhino or alias but i doubt they’re parametric either.

further, it’s not a good idea to take anything from a 3d graphic/animation program to a cad program because:

1- all 3d g/a have no dimensioning, they don’t follow iso or other standards for it either.

2- the surface data is written in another formulation format from cad programs, and iges files when transfered to cad give you the form visually but no dimesions and they’re always off scale.

3- you can export from cad to 3d g/a for rendering, but won’t be able to modify parametrically and export back to cad.

Just to confirm - no 3rd party data will be parametric when brought into ProE.

However it is possible to create a parametric relationship between separate sets of imported data (in this case surfaces) or between a single piece of data and a global reference point, or existing ProE geometry, or build parametric data from your imported data…there are some issues with this as the above post points out.

Which I think is the information you were after…

I would qualify that. It’s not a good idea if the person doesn’t know what they’re doing.