creating links

I’m a french designer and I would like to create some links with foreign designers. You will find some samples of my work here :
I also have a book on coroflot :
In fact I’m looking for a job and would like to know how my work is perceived abroad. Any feedback would be great, because my job research is international.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question or if you like my work!

Two words of advice:

Regarding your website…
-I think your work needs more room to breathe, try spacing things out a little.
-it’s hard to see where the “ideas” are because you tend to want to show everything. Manipulate the ‘point of view’ to highlight features and strengths.
-you do wonderfully loose and playful graphics. Not everyone has this confidence, work with it…

Regarding leaving France…
If you just want to gain experience it’s a good idea to spread your wings.
But the best design opportunities are those that you discover or help create directly with manufacturers.

Have you had any luck on this front?

I think that you have too much text. Your composition is good for print work, but the nature of the web means that you need to break up your text even more. Try a different font and use the browser to render your text instead of using jpegs to show text

The graphic design of the site is good, and your style seems quirky. That is cool depending on where you plan on working. I display @ 1600X1200, so your images seemed small.

Good overall impression.

Thank you for your replies. imrie I think you’re totally right, I will work on highlighting the most important ideas. I don’t have many contacts with manufacturers for the moment… but I think that leaving France is the best way to have a real and recognized experience here. And masterblaster you’re right too, that’s my 1st website, I’m still working on it and its ergonomy. I don’t really understand why my style seems “quirky”, but that’s ok if you think so. I would be curious to know where you think I plan to work regarding on my style, it would be useful in my research.
Thank you again for your replies, that’s really constructive. :smiley: