Creating Glass in 3Ds Max

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make a quick and easy glass texture in 3Ds Max. I am using Scan Line rendering and don’t really want to go to V-ray. I have tryed using Raytrace shader and am having some problems getting the results I want.

If you want realistic glass, you’ll need to use raytracing. It’s possible to make glass that looks pretty close by using a lot of gradient transparency shaders and that sort of thing ---- but frankly, it’s easiest with raytracing, letting the computer do the thinking for you :slight_smile:

Learn the raytracer and use an HDRI image map.

hit up There are tons of tutorials available for Max and other programs.

raytrace is fine, but if you want glass to look real you need add some caustics to your lighting

One of the problems that I’m finding with Raytrace is that I still get dark un realistic shadows. Another probem I am having is I do 2 kinds of renderings normal Photogentic and real time modeling and rendering. I am having problems with both,