Creating an internal portfolio for clients

I’ve been tasked to create a ‘middle ground’ portfolio or an internal document we can quickly send to clients. Allow me to explain…

We have raw sketches, photos, and renders from various projects scattered all over many computers. The problem with this is sending a zip file full of random images to a client is unprofessional, doesn’t tell a story, and every other problem you might imagine with a half assed portfolio.

We also have a polished portfolio on our site that has scrubbed images of projects, case studies, and videos. The problem here is that we only have one web designer and he’s the only one who has the time and expertise to clean up a portfolio piece, get the necessary permissions for posting 3rd party images or logos (that don’t belong to us or our clients), and upload that to our site.

What we need is a middle ground where we have a document that has a brief description of the project and a few set of images (with permission), and can be easily updated by anyone on the team. I’d like to stay away from one behemoth sized google shareable folder or word doc if possible. Maybe a portfolio site like coroflot that allows you to set it to private and share with only people you choose/invite? Any thoughts on this?

Ah, my staff and I just completed our second version of just such a similar piece tackling a similar problem to showcase our design and projects with our sales organization. We used to design and layout a 12"x12" print piece and are working on an accompanying eBook (also available through Blurb). You can use InDesign to do your layouts and use Blurb’s web ap to layout an eBook. From there you can make it free or change for it and share the link with anyone you wish. Just note that Blurb eBooks only work with Apple and not Android.

I’ve also used for my own personal documents/portfolio, which seemed to work as well.

Both of these companies have privacy settings, hope this helps!

I just finished my own portfolio site on behance prosite. Highly recommend it. You can easily add new images, text and re-sort things super easy all from a simple web interface. Mine only took a few days to throw together. You can also use a custom domain and even password protect certain projects if you like. Does everything I think you are looking for and looks great. Bunch of templates to choose from and easily customizable. Web viewable on anything and doesn’t require downloads attachments or managing folders.