creating an ice floe


I have been asked to create a simulated environment of an overhead ice floe for a display on Antarctica. The idea is that the visitor would be under the floe, looking up and into the ice and all the cool things stuck to the bottm and inside.

Would anyone have any ideas as to how to create this kind of illusion? I have tried to heat form some acrylics, but to limited success. The ice does discolor in reality, but the heated acrylic approach just seems to hard to control.

The total size is only about 100 sq. feet.

Thanks in advance.

Chris Root

Woods Hole, Ma

Have you considered doing some vac forming?

if your display is to be animated a solution might be to use what ammounts to the old lava lamp trick. You would use parfin wax (heated to a level where it is plastic and will flow)as the material to represent the ice, imbed in it any denser material to simulate rocks, and have it flow on a layer of mineral oil, the heat rising from below would server to keep the system running and by varing the incline of the display the rate of flow could be controlled. If you pre heated the “bolders” and deposided them on the surface at the high end of they display they would of course melt down to the observation level giving you a endless loop system. That will be $20.000 US for the information :laughing: or contact me via PM for full details on construction.