Creating a suede texture in Keyshot?

I’ve been looking all around the internet and been experimenting with bump maps and had no luck with creating a convincing suede like texture. I would like to create a shader with a rough, raggedy edge. Most of the textures I’ve been using still create a hard edge, making it read like plastic rather than a soft good.

Is there a good trick I should try? or should I just photoshop those edges?

That’s going to be a tough one to pull off in Keyshot, Keyshot is going to render your hard surface with a hard edge because it’s only able to perform bump/normal mapping, which changes the effect of light on the surface, but not the physical geometry.

To get something like that you’d either need to Photoshop it, build it into your geometry, or consider a rendering tool that can do displacement mapping/particle systems which could physically change the geometry or add the fuzz on top of the surface.

I’ve been able to create a ragged edge in keyshot with an opacity mask. I also was able to get a passable suede texture by messing with the default leather settings, but mileage may vary.

Have you researched Displacement Mapping?

The above image was taken from this website.