Creating a rain curtain

Hey guys,

I have been trying to create a rain curtain similar to the one shown here but at a smaller scale (about 12 inches wide):

I tried using a plastic pipe (not a PVC) and drilled holes in a straight line but that didn’t work out for me. It is really hard to drill straight holes since the pipe is round. The streams of water seem kind of tilted in different directions rather than going straight down. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

clamp it in the correct position with something that will hold the pipe straight while being able to move the whole setup together. you should be able to drill everything in line as long as you are using a drill press. Jigs can be a wonderful thing when done properly. Just make sure to drill slowly and with even pressure.

Definitely need to be using 1) a drill press, and 2) a V-block to hold round stock. A lot of drill press vices have a “V” milled into one face to accommodate round stock. If the “V” is too small you can cut one out of hardwood on a table saw and get the same result.


Drill press vice (this one is homemade (and nice), notice the “hex” shape cut into the faces to hold round stock.

You should also “center punch” the locations of the holes so the drill bit won’t wander around on the radius of the pipe. Since you are working with plastic you could use an awl, ice pick, or scribe point for the purpose.

Finally, you may need to “square up” the table on your drill press (if you are using one). Most drill press tables are built to rotate on the “Z” axis (so you can drill holes at a angle). If it is not perfectly perpendicular to the center-line axis of the drill bit you will not be able to drill a “square” hole even with a vice/block set up. A few thousandths of an in out of adjustment can make a big difference in getting a square hole.

ever thought about a pipe that is not round?

Great! I’ll definitely try your suggestion Lmo.

mo-i, I was thinking about using a square shaped pipe instead but I’m not sure where to find one. That would really make it a lot easier though.

I’m pretty sure Home Depot has Square Stock in their sheet metal section. If not check out McMaster Carr or another online vendor. You could also just use a gutter and punch holes through the bottom. If its not going to be visible that might be your easiest option.