creating a new product out of an egg!!!!!

As a part of a design assigment, i was asked to study an ordinary egg in teerms of its structure, form and function… and the ability of the shell to allow air exchange, and converting the yolk into a solid chick as a result, and create a new product( not really existing). it was to be based on one of the above features of the egg shell.
can someone suggest something?? :bulb: :bulb:
maybe we can have a brain storming session sometime as well!!! what say???

shave the top of the egg off. empty the egg stuff out. shave the base of the egg off. puncture/dremmell lots of little holes around the remaining shell and put a tiny little candle inside. you have a hot chick light!

Oh, I’ll share what I am doing…A boiled egg retains heat for a long time. My ex is suffering from sinus infections, so I am playing with the idea of something that will allow to pick up the boiled egg, apply its heat to the trouble areas, and when the pain is eased…you can eat the egg in a tasteful way.

Should be good for kids with stuffy noses, too…and all of that nutritious yolk to keep’em healthy.

i like the heat transfer idea…

structurally, it does take a great deal of pressure to crack an egg when held at its opposing “points”. perhaps you could exploit that as part of something to support a mass greater that the egg itself (i.e. the feet of a sofa)

or maybe as a pendulum of a clock…

the stench of a rotten egg is unbearable in an enclosed area / close proximity. maybe that attribute could be used somehow too. mace vs. rotten egg. of course, accidental discharge would be an issue.

or also, a rotting egg(s) could be small source of electricity:

as a solid, boiled eggs are great to spin. maybe you could augment the egg somehow (this is where the design comes in) to create something like this:

Eggs when spoiled float up to the surface if put in a bowl of water.
The airpocket in the egg expands as it gets spoiled…

have been thinking on focussing on the fact that the egg shell is perhaps the thinnest structure, yet when placed in a particular direction, has the ability to sustain wt much more than its ability…
any comments??? :unamused:

Lightweight structural supports…cool buildings…hummm.

So this is a design theory project? Do you have to use real egg to make the product, or simply apply the characteristics of an egg?

How about a fridge that freezes things inside but also have permeable walls to exchange air so that food remains fresh longer? Maybe the shape can be designed such that you need the thinnest material to sustain the greatest pressure. Can also be ultra light weight for travelling purpose.

air exchange would decrease freshness. [you mean evacuate air]

nice project. lots of potential products. rec stop thinking about whats been done. pick a place and a purpose. imagine a method. dream up entirely new product. this is Blue Sky at its best. and its a thinking exercise. dont ask for solutions. offer us options to critique.

what do u people think of using an egg like thin structure kept in axial position to support a glass top…thereby acting as a table…not exciting enough isnt it… :cry:

saloni, do you understand molested_cow’s idea? and why its a good solution to your project? although i think maybe its been done tbh. at least in concept.

Reminds me of a project I did for design theory class in sophmore. Using a marine life as a metaphor for a beach product. I did a star fish bottle opener.