Create the Future

I have a friend of mine that has entered the Create the Future competition. He’s an industrial designer that is working on extracting himself (and the world) from the power grid through solar power. What he’s done is come up with a boiler that collects energy from the sun and converts it to steam which then uses his custom designed turbine to convert that energy to electricity. The system can also be used for heating the home, and hot water, etc.

You can sign up and have a look at all the entries here:

If you’re so inclined to help out a fellow Industrial Designer move up in the standings for this competition, you can view his entry here:

You can also view the video:

Well Jon, from one Purdue ID grad ('73) to another, I think Matt’s taking the whole Boilermaker thing to extremes. :wink:

How appropriate that he should be developing an alternate energy product in Oak Ridge.

Ha! Ya…there’s irony all around here. But he’s genuinely interested in “saving the world”.

Throw a vote his way if you have a few minutes to navigate the registration :S