Crazy behaviour of a freelancer who didn't want to lose out

Just read this in a UK Sunday paper. A freelancer is ‘alleged’ to have invented a full time role with rockstar salary and lured a designer into applying for it so he would turn down a full time job at the train building company where he freelanced as a designer.

I don’t know what to think, sounds weird!

strange… and bit naive, no?

For a second I thought it was Pierre Bernard of Conan fame.
I guess he is out of a job as well now…

Very naive - £100k salaries don’t grow on trees and definately not for graduates!

seems like if he had used this creativity in his design job he would not have lost the freelance work.

Wow, the guy who orchestrated the ruse is one creepy looking fella

My favourite part of the article:

“Although being offered a job without an interview is understood to be normal in the industrial design trade…”

Waaaait a minute, job offer with no interview = normal? I’d like to see the source for that bit of information please.

No doubt Mr Bartholemew should have been a little less naive, the old “if it looks too good to be true…” adage springs to mind, but it’s still a really childish thing for one human to do to another. I hope he wins his court case.

The only time I’ve grabbed freelance work with out any interview or meeting it was coming from people I’ve known for years… This whole this sounds silly.


He looks like the head nerd from “Grandmas boy”

That’s a bit crazy. However, both people in the crime had one thing in common: they had unrealistic expectations.

But I’ve also come across this line in the original article:

being offered a job without an interview is understood to be normal in the industrial design trade

This is in UK, right? I’m worried.

For Full time work that’s bullsh*t (IMHO)

For freelance, I’ve worked for long distance clients lots of times, infact I’m working wih one right now, we’ve never met. We do speak every day though.

And I always loved Weimeraners…

This is only the case if you know the company intimately you are going to be working for, i.e. youve done freelance for them before, and they wanna take you on fulltime.

Would a company ever ask you to provide confirmation that you had turned down another position? Especially that aggressively? That would cause me great worry. As well it would be super easy to find out the domain of the company that sends emails. Problem solved. Plus maybe Google the address. So many things he could have done.