Craster Internship...

Is it just me or does this sound very fishy. They are looking for an “intern” with 3-4 years of experience that can manage the product development process.

While the position will begin as an internship (5 days/week) there is every possibility that the role will evolve into a full time position.

Is this where they hook you on for 1/2 your value and no benefits and keep you going with the continual promise of full time employment?

Intern with 3-4 years experience is just stupid.

Tell them you’ll do a free hour and if they like you, they can pay you.

oh the times, they are a changing…

I really hope that was an oversight.

ooh… That’s pretty embarrassing.

But i guess in the end, it will hopefully only hurt themselves.

So why the hell aren’t they calling it a “freelance position” then? Pretty sad but I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody bites on this just to get a foot in the door.

I’m unemployed now and I interviewed yesterday for a prepress tech job at a printing company. They had me go in and do a quick half hour “skills test” by making some corrections to an ad because I think they were reluctant that my degree isn’t in Graphic Design. Someone suggested to me today “Why don’t you offer to “intern” there for a week to see if they are happy with your work?” Pretty sad that I’m considering this measure, but then again what do I have to lose? I’m getting unemployment and it’s not like I have anything better to do. If it means using SOME of my skills vs. stocking shelves at Walmart when my unemployment runs out it may be worth a shot.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Here’s a bit of clarification.

When a Job Poster fills out the CORE form to post a job opening they are presented with six “radio button” options regarding “Job Level Selection”. There are no other options and no field for “Other”.

1) Intern
2) Freelance
3) Junior Staff
4) Mid-Level Staff
5) Senior Staff and
6) Executive

Since there is no “Part Time”, or “Full Time Temporary” option, the only suitable option covering less than a full-time position is “Intern”. Freelance would imply that the candidate would act autonomously; without supervision or interaction (which is not the case with this particular position).

My first design gig out of school was “freelance”… for lack of another term. When I interviewed for the job the Design Manager wasn’t even familiar with the term “intern”. I didn’t care what he wanted to call me, I just wanted the work. I got the job and within four months it turned into a full-time position.

I was paid more per hour as a freelancer, than as a full-time employee (which is normal). With the Craster position, and the requirement that the designer have 3-4 years experience, you need to make sure that the compensation is greater than what would be offered a true intern (in the sense of the term that we are familiar with; trainee or apprentice).

That also crossed my mind.

However, It’s giving me a lot of mixed messages to say the least. "We are looking for an experienced industrial design professional to manage Craster’s product development process. " And then they clarify that it is an internship-position with a possibility of full time employment down the road.

And the entirety of the ad gives me an impression of an entry level position, since no skills out of the ordinary are required. Except the line expressing that you should have 3-4 years experience in preferably retail and hospital field.

I just get the feeling that something out of the ordinary is going on behind the scenes. (With that said, im not insinuating that it would be something negative/illegal. Could just as easily be someone at the company who’ve convinced management to bring in a designer for a trial period)

Hi guys,

Just a heads up on this one. These people are a bit of a joke. I interviewed with them several months ago for a very similar position (again advertised through coroflot). First of the internship is unpaid, they didn’t even offer to pay for travel expenses or lunch! They had me come in and do half a days work, which they said was part of the interview process. I had to model a table tray in SolidWorks and Render out a couple of images. They ask me to do this on my own laptop! It later became apart to me they didn’t have a license for Solidworks, but where using a free version of Google SketchUp. When I finished with the model and renders they had a look and said excellent, we will send them on to the client later today!!! I was like WHAT!!! I did sign a NDA with them, but it said nothing about them using my work for actual commercial use. I let them use it anyway, by this time I already knew I was not going to work for them.

As you can imagine the company is tiny (4 employes), they have no clue about design and won’t be lasting long.

Anyway stay away from them…

I guess that answers what most suspected. Thanks for the info!

Well so much for the benefit of the doubt… . certainly sorry to hear about that… … .

The what?


“The benefit of the doubt” is a phrase in English (a euphemism) that means you are willing to accept what some one does/says based on face value.

i.e. I doubt that Craster is a legitimate organization. You WANT to believe that they are, but they prove themselves not to be. The “doubt” has been removed…

I was “doubting” that they were trying to get something for cheap ( a designer ) so, to be fair, I checked into the “Post a Job” details. But as it turned out … they were ( apparently) trying to get something for cheap. *

  • For discussion purposes only … since I’m not God I can’t actually know what their intentions are.

Yeah, I was just kidding because I came off as the opposite of you through out the thread. Aka, cynical and judgemental.