Cranbrook, SVA, RISD - Grad programs in (graphic) design?

Hi! I have applied and been acceped into the grad programs in graphic design at Cranbrook, SVA and RISD? I’d like to know more about the programs (2-D Design, Graphic Design and MFA Design) before I make my final choice about where to study. Comparisons? Positives and negatives? Comments from former students/alumni etc?


Do you know anything about Elliot Earls? He’s the head of the 2D department at Cranbrook

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Congratulations, that is an impressive list of schools. And they all seem vastly different. My two cents:

Choose SVA: If you want a more professionally oriented program; want to be in New York, cultural capital of the country; want a program well-connected in New York. Consider the nature of SVA’s thesis projects, a product that is marketable. Does this appeal to you?

Choose RISD: If you want a more academically oriented program; care about having one of the most "elite’ reputations in graphic design academia (in the professional world it matters less); are really hardcore about typography (enjoy using metal type?); have a serious interest in teaching at the collegiate level (and above); enjoy more theory and don’t like the market-oriented premise of SVA’s thesis projects.

I don’t know that much about Cranbrook except that they have no classes. I get the sense that they’re the funkier, more experimental, less boring, less old-fashioned version of RISD. Compare Ockerse to Elliott Earls!

Well, I suggest you go meet people who are actually in the program if you can. Good luck.

Not sure how true of a comparison that is, but whatever. You really should visit all the schools. I can’t really imagine why one person would apply to RISD, SVA, and Cranbrook, except because they’re all in different ways thought to be good schools. What, for you, do these schools have common in terms of what you’re looking for?

That is interesting…
But I am keep seeing the works of Luis Gispert and Icons that are hiding in Fabian Marcaccio’s paintings from Elliot Earls’s stills.


Maybe because we are all living in mixed culture of MTV influences??

I’m curious about the Cranbrook program too, and I found this site that has a lot of work by students and alumni:

Check out the photos from their thesis exhibit, but there doesn’t seem to be much graphic design going on there, just a few posters and an interactive project.

rubbish. i bet that’s not all the work. some of the photo stuff blows me away tho.

I was looking at Rochester Institute of Technology for its program in graphic design and especially new media design. Can anyone tell me about it and how it compares to schools like Univ of Cincinnati and RISD in work quality, placement, and academics?