craft vs. mass production...

Hello! Any comments would be appreciated!

Dissertation topic - interest in idea of ‘craft’ that is explored through industrial design and mass manufacturing…‘mass individualism’…digital craft…using traditional techniques in a modern day context…whats your thoughts!!!


There are alot of opinions here on these subjects - even a few examples.

They’re mostly limited to one end of the consumer product continuum, and perhaps how these trends could apply to the business market would be an unexplored area to write about.

My 2 cents: ‘traditional techique’ is labor intensive, and therefore a function of low cost (exploitive) labor. besides it can only be appreciated in the form of ornament by a layperson. think of architectural carving or shaker reproduction furniture.

Craft afficianados who could understand the skill and effort, hardly constitute a mass market/production. Unless you can find a trend away from the disposable?

Examples please?

This is definately an interesting topic. I think the word “craft” would have to be defined in multiple arenas. If you choose to explore the more modern form of Industrial Design with the manufacturing of gadgets of all shapes and sizes you might have to explore the word craft in respect to companies that truely value each and every detail of their product image, example being Apple ipod, with the attention to color, precision with user friendly technology, and direct marketing and so on to their competitors who are swimming in the shadows of apple.

Another definition of “craft” can easily be related to the design and manufacturing of furniture. Know at a time when the true craft in furniture is begining to almost dissapear as we know it, the picture of old men with beards glueing together magnificant pieces of furniture (art really!) which are charished and passed down through generations is fading. There are some exceptions which would be interesting to compare. Try IKEA, a low budget manufacturer, compared to Thomas Moser, one of the finest furniture manufactures in the US. Other examples: Herman Miller, Stickley (follow the tradition of craft) vs. Large corporations like Taget or Rothman.

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traditional techniques in a modern day context


mass production and industrial design

are opposite ends of a continuum.

so what are you asking about?

does your dissertation have a thesis statement or a hypothesis?