craft design project

Greetings everybody
We’ll finally upload the final products catalog, and you can subscribe the mailing list and receive the printed version of it.
For now we can go to and subscribe the mailing list…

thank you very much



Forum spam comes in all flavors.

i’m very sorry…

Anyway, if you read about it maybe you’ll find it interesting, and I thought it would be adaptable to more than one discussion…

anyway sorry again…



Don’t be sorry, Andre!!! That’s only ONE opinion, and a lot of people read, enjoy and don’t post. And I don’t particularly think that you were (only?) shopping yourself, but also a technique(s) we might all learn from.

As an aside, I would say, that your website is difficult to read on my monitor! I’ve been at my computer for the last 12 hours, so the text is painfully small now…and I would love to be able to see the images larger since it looks like you have a lot of interesting and beautiful things here! Tomorrow I will look again with fresh eyes.

Thanks for posting.