CPG Trend Services?


Would anyone know of any trend services for CPG domestically (usa) or abroad (europe/asia)? I’m thinking of something like stylesight.com, stylus.com, wgsn.com or even something like the donegr group but with a focus on packaging/cpg



Trend services are great, but you could also do this yourself. Where I work, we capture business, cultural, technological, and aesthetic trends in sort of a venn diagram and use this as a tool to understand how to approach new projects. The tool isn’t perfect - there are a lot of gaps that still need to be filled in once you get to project-level specificity - but it does point you in the relevant direction for higher level trends so at least when you look at the more on the ground stuff, you have a lot better sense of context.

Totally agree and we do this but we have limited man hours to do this and we would like to augment our work with that of other agencies, services, etc…