COVID19 and Year End Shows for graduating students

Avoiding large gatherings and school closures puts a damper on Year End Shows for graduating design students. These shows are critical for exposure, networking, and making Mom and Dad proud. Moving the show online seems to be the best option.

  1. Any thoughts/suggestions on sharing platforms for a digital show?
  2. What’s the best way to get exposure for students?
  3. Professionals, what’s the best way to get these shows to you? What would get you to click a link to a show?
  4. Educators/Students, any interest in collaboration between schools?
  5. Students, what would you hope to get out of a digital show?

I wonder if this is something would want to take on. DM me and I’ll connect you to the founders.

I’d likely be willing to join an online critique. Welcome to keep me in the loop… Definitely not an ideal way to graduate

Sorry I didn’t post this earlier, but CIA in Cleveland put together a portfolio site for their design school, After the site launched our IDSA chapter worked with the professors there do an online portfolio review. Other than not quite feeling like we had enough time for each review, I think it went well. We solicited volunteers from the Cleveland ID community as well as a few across the country, then the professors did some matchmaking with the students who were interested. When the volunteers signed up we used a Google form and asked if anyone was looking to hire full time or interns and tried to match them with students who were in the appropriate year. We had an initial 15 minute Google Hangout with everyone for a little welcome and make sure everyone knew what to do, then each student had their own Google Hangout. The professionals just had to click the student’s Hangout link in a PDF we sent them. Each student got three 15 minute reviews.

IDSA national has also created their own online portfolio site if anyone isn’t aware, Industrial Designers Society of America - Submission Gallery.

You might have noticed in the header that core77 also put something together:

Instagram would also be a good place for exposure. Perhaps reaching out to the popular accounts most of us follow for a shoutout to a page hosting the graduate class work.

I would love to add-on to Spark-PD’s comment here. If there are any students seeking a critique, portfolio review, or are just looking to connect, I would be happy to take time out of my day to speak with you! Feel free to send me a PM.