Covid-19 pushed me to do online business!! Thoughts after 1 yrs of that.

Hey, I was majoring in ID, that was 15 yrs ago. now as a self running business man, I want to share my story with most of your guys, hope my experience can give you some idea that ID designers are potential to run their own business online. Honestly speaking, I wish I could start online business as I was a design student, there are two main reasons, one is by building the online business, I can practice my design skill on the real battlefield. another reason is that the earlier my site online, the more traffic or higher SEO ranking you could get ( the number of items you sold will be recorded and marked on your store which is a good referential number)

Now turning into mid of 30, I decide to focus on the little online store like raising up a little baby, he is growing as time passes by.

Different countries have different rule in terms of running online business, so learning new things always needed.

What do you sell? Do you design and manufacture your own products?

snacks and earphones are my first options… now the revenue of online sells not reach the amount that allows me to do my own product. I think the practical thing is to start doing the package design as well as online branding… welcome to visit my site and leave your comments, for the product images are all done by myself, because as a product designer, I want to offer the visitors a unique impression.

So, you are selling knock-off Apple AirPods and Pens – interesting for a designer to be doing this.

Well he said that he was a designer and now is a businessman haha. At some point all designers have to discover their inner businessman it seems.
I heard of someone who started importing meat from the middle East into Northern Europe, it took over his life and he now peaks at EUR 250k income a week. I suppose if I started an online shop I first would want to determine a plan with a clear focus and target group, etc.

After purchasing this product and used by myself, I found the quality is not bad.
Those stuff really saved my money and giving me encouragement to do creative things fitted to my level of earning.

I definitely agreed with you point. We want to have a design dream, but first we have to create a good cash flow by doing online business during Covid-19.

<> teaches us how important of cash flow as it is before building your own business. ID student and professors need to know it which bring you to next level of career.

As an ID designer, I keep thinking about put some items which could benefit to our designers and professors globally. Any ideas about which items are most needed for you, either in daily life or major related things? like earbuds? digital tablet or pen?
Looking forward to hear about your ideas…

Lately, I’ve been thinking of starting a distribution business too. Much lower barriers to entry and the market always has the need (seemingly).

Want to startup an NA plant of this? I can’t imagine this not making money here.

I think this is a Canadian paver factory. It’s highly automated, meaning big capital investment. Good idea though!

I’m guessing the person featured in the Core article did not begin with big capital investment. And we’d crush it with the green crowd. You would easily be able to charge more than your typical paver.

But the bottom line is I am not an entrepreneur no matter how I wish it so. :frowning:

I’ve been asked many times why I don’t start my own brand… my answer is always:

  1. inventory
  2. shipping
  3. accounts receivable
  4. painting supply chain
  5. liability
  6. QA testing

Iab, as an exec at a big company I’m sure you have been exposed to so many things that entrepreneurs don’t think about until they get into it. I feel like after working in big companies I have such a respect for all of the things that happen outside of of strategy, design, brand building, and marketing that have to go right or the company fails that I’m not sure I would ever launch my own products.

I agree. In addition to strategy/design/branding/marketing, things generally in a designer’s wheelhouse, you have to have a passion for inventory/shipping/finance/QA/RA/etc in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Perhaps that’s why a partnership may be a better approach to bringing something to market.

Even as a consultant, half my time was sales, getting the next job. I hate sales. :slight_smile:

That paver stuff is really a good idea, but as @iab you said, it does need strong ability to acquire such huge fixed asset before getting big contract with governments or so.

With the barriers you listed, that’s true to most new business owner!
That’s why the pandemic season may be the best opportunity to start with small amount investment, training our skills in those fields.
Covid is turning some designers from their familiar field to some new fields with adventures.

Did you hear about drop shipping? Inventory issue can be solved…
May I ask what kind of stuff are you interested in distributing?

I’m not really that interested in distributing anything, other wise I would do it!

Yo: The key thing is that entrepreneurs don’t think about any of those things until they hit it. I remember one of the places I worked for didn’t have a local business license for their first 5 years until I mentioned it.