Covid-19 and creativity

Has anyone seen any creative solutions to problems caused by Covid?

Not exactly a product solution but definitely a creative expression spurred by the pandemic.

Son: Ce n’est pas exactement qu’est-ce que je cherche, mais c’est bon! Merci.

I’m looking more for examples of anything that’s helped. We had those initial reports of ventilators, but that seems to have come to nothing. There are a lot of masks, but it looks like that’s a mixed bag too. I’m surprised that there seem to be no creative solutions for keeping kids in school. I suggested changing the school year dates, but it looks like no one did that.

I think covid-19 has been kind of a great simplification in most aspects of life. You’re at home, eating in, not doing much travel probably. Fewer problems maybe. Definitely a nice taking down of certain aspects of consumerism and stupid acquistional bs. But I do notice the packaging is a bit overboard with any sort of carryout, curbside pickup, or mail delivery. Maybe it’s the same, but there’s been a lot more of it. Otherwise if you and your circle managed to stay healthy and employed live in close proximity, pretty great year for just cutting out the wastefulness.

I remember seeing that. I’ll give him an A+, but I want to see innovation that has scaled.

Your chance to win $500,000. :grinning:

I’ll give it a 2 out of 10.

As a result of COVID-19 crisis - The teams at ATOM and CIRQ+ mobilized and leveraged our Advanced Smart Room platform for commercial living to create CBOT the world first Autonomous Touchless Disinfecting Robot that electrostatically treats surfaces and areas!

CIRQ+CLEAN with CBOT is an affordable frontline solution that is primed and ready to protect Schools, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals and almost every other commercial market / property help people confidently and safely reenter spaces knowing they have a new standard of protection against COVID-19 and other pathogens today and in the future!

Work Safe, Stay Safe, Live Safe!

A self-promo for the first post is not a very good look. There’s a “projects” discussion board where this would be better placed.

Do you have any comparative efficacy of your product versus the UV and hydrogen peroxide cleaning robots?

I would give the CBOT 3/10 for creativity. Seems like it’s just taking existing tech and making it mobile. Good idea for your company though. Nice design too.

Ray, the exact same tech has been in healthcare for a decade. CBOT is spraying their disinfectant, droplets. Their competitors are using either UV or a hydrogen peroxide fog. Quite frankly I have much more confidence in the UV and or hydrogen peroxide over spray antiseptics that are not bleach. The efficacy data of these sprays are generated in-vitro, in a test tube, not in real world applications.

In reality, the UV and hydrogen peroxide robots only reduce manual cleaning time, they do not eliminate it. They are not an end all be all. And using this tech outside of healthcare is only for PR and fear. Disinfecting your home, office, school, business, whatever with any of this tech will do absolutely nothing in reducing the transmission of communicable disease. You will never see CBOT or any other company make such a claim.