Cover / seal for resistive touch screen

I have an electronics project with a resistive touch screen. I want to protect the screen from dust and scratching, but still be able to activate the touch screen. It would be a plus if I could print artwork on this covering for branding. Does anyone know what kind of material and thickness to use for this application? I’d also be open to a supplier with experience in this.

I was thinking the overlay from a membrane switch might work. Has anyone used that?


Only 6 months late, but membrane switch materials are probably a good place to start. GM Nameplate is an established company that does all sorts of things like that. You could poke around on their website to see a bunch of possible solutions. Also with resistive you could, in theory, just use sheet acrylic or PC, which you can get in really small thicknesses. You can water jet it into different shapes, back paint it, or whatever you need. Most likely the thicker the material, the harder it will be to register a touch though because you’ll have to flex the material.

I ended up not using a touchscreen, but my membrane switch / faceplate supplier suggested that I use a polyester sheet with proper adhesive to seal the screen.