Cover letter research/addresse requirements.


I understand that hiring staff likes cover letters that are addressed to them personally and not something along the lines of “to whom it may concern”… While looking at job posts, I realized that none of the ones I looked at included any indication as to whom the resume/cover/samples should be sent or addressed to. An email address of doesn’t help at all.

How should situations like these should be handled?


If I’d already exhausted all of my industry connections and couldn’t find a real person to contact, then I’d simply start the email message by saying:

“Hello, I recently saw your posting for a designer on blah blah blah and feel that I’m a great fit blah blah blah.”

I mean, that’s really the best you can do. The whole “to whom it may concern” sounds so Microsoft Word-ish.

You’re a designer (I’m guessing, no link to your portfolio/etc) - be resourceful.

Cmon. Do research. Call the company; and ask who the nice lady in HR is, or what the design director’s name is. Should be no big deal.

The IDSA Membership Directory would be worth a glimpse. It is indexed by company, name, job title; with addresses and phone numbers.

Student membership is only $50; “Young Professionals” can join for $125 for up to a year after graduation. Money well spent considering how much time it takes to glean this information from scratch. Being a member gives one a bit of a leg up when introducing ones self to another member, especially one in a hiring position. Of course, it doesn’t help a whole helluva lot, at all, if the person you are looking for isn’t an IDSA member.

But then, you wouldn’t be getting any schmoozing experience; a necessary skill set for every designer to master.

Golly, I can’t remember the last time I’ve used a CV. My wife is a recruiter and she doesn’t even bother reading the CV’s. The way things are going, software like teleo is just doing keyword searches on your resume. No need to worry about who it’s being addressed to anymore.

Thank you everyone.
Time to go jump on the phone and take a look around that IDSA directory.