Courses, courses, courses...

Hi I’m new here. I’m a year 13 student (The year before uni.) and I am so confused on what course to do. At the moment I study Product design, Geography and Maths. I want to pursue a career in design, how I am so uncertain of how to go ahead with it.
I firstly wanted to study Product design at university, however I thought that my A level in maths should be put to better use. I was also told that there is more of a future in subjects like Industrial Product Design. So I looked in to those types of courses and I found that there are even less courses in the area I want to study in then I initially thought which a problem is as now I am really counting on Brunel University accepting me.
Please suggest anything that could clear my head a little or point me in the right direction.
Thanks in advance.

I didn’t really get what you were asking but when I was applying for uni’s I found it really confusing with every uni calling industrial/product design something different. It’s all a bit vague, some uni’s do Product Design, some do Industrial Design, some do Design For Industry but a lot of the time its all the same thing. The best way to work out what the course is like is if it’s BA or Bsc. With BA (Bach. of the Arts) focusing more on the user, creativity and Bsc (Bach. of Science) involving more engineering, electronics.

Since you want to put your Maths a-level to good use I reckon you’d be best looking at Brunel and Loughboroughs Bsc courses. If Brunel is the only uni you applied for I wouldn’t worry, it has a good reputation.