coupe profiles

Interesting comparisons of current coupe profiles. Any comments?

I have to say my favourite profile is the classic Porsche one.

that new accord looks slick even near cars five times its price!

the coupe looks pretty good in person, so much better than the sedan.

What would be even just as interesting is to see to the profiles of the same cars from 10 and 20 years ago.

Some of the cars wouldn’t have even existed. Others would look dramatically different with hardly any resemblance to their modern variants especially during the infamous oil embargo of the 1970’s. The only exception would be the 911’s profile. It’s as if time can’t even change it thereby proving its purebred lineage.

It was introduced in 1964 and even after adding over 1000lbs to it and having 4 times as much horsepower in its modern day version, the profile is just as distinctive as when it was first penned by Ferdinand in Porsche’s early days.

What I would give for one of my designs to have the same attributes.

how big do can I make something to post on here? I had some free time so I made a profile list of the cars from ten (or so ) years ago.