Counter tops

not sure if anyone can help me but if you can great. If you owned a pub/bar for selling drinks, and i came to you with a coffee machine that required you to drill holes in your counter-top would you buy it, especially if you were planing to sell coffee succesfully.

probably not

A cut should not be a big deal.

I did a bunch of CAD work for a stainless steel fabrication business and modifying counters (wood or metal) was a regular occurance.

the fab business had every every available catalog with cutout dimensions for their equipment.

Also, the field installers many times had to create additional cuts for wood or steel equipment needing installation.

The bigger deal for you might be NSF requirements. An inspector might let a backsplash height slide now and then, but electrical safety has to be spot on.

alot of beverage equipment in a commercial enviornment requires modification to countertops. it can be avoided if you can run the lines behind the countertop or thru the wall, but most bars doesnt usually allow for that setup. if you have a 200 yr old wood bar that is precious you prolly wont want to do it, but if its a standard countertop, they are easy to replace.

the coffee machine might not be enough of a seller in a bar enviornment to justify it, but it is commonly done for other installs.

NSF is a good point. the rule of thumb is 4" legs so you can clean under or that the unit is sealed to the counter with caulk or a rubber gasket. you can sometimes get away from the issue if the unit is small enough to be reasonably moved.

alot of times NSF is not as much of an issue in a bar as it is in an restaurant.

just wanna say to those who replied so far thanks, its been very helpfull

anybody who can offer any more help, please do.