Could you please sugest a plastic that cold forms,wont break

Could someone please suggest a plastic that cold forms instead of breaking when cold?
I have a injection mold made for a plastic clip.The part is 2 inches wide,1 inch across the top,2 inches on each side,it is shaped like a “U”.
The part is .100 thick.
I am concerned it could be a shatter hazard,and could possibly cause a eye injury in sub zero temperatures.
The part should be used between 32-125 degrees F.
I would rather have the parT cold form that shatter at 32 to -20 degrees F.
I had a composite material,It had plenty of spring,but it shattered and sharp pieces when flying when bent to extremes at 20 degrees F.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,Thank you,Dan

What you may want to consider would be contacting some suppliers, maybe a sales rep from like 3m or dow chemical or anyone who deals with plastics.

I agree with speaking with a material supplier… Low temperature performance can be tricky… Some resins can have impact modifiers added to improve low temperature impact… Crystalline materials like polyethylene can be thermoplastic candidates, but you might want to look at thermosets like TPUs which can be molded at lower temperatures (like bulk molded compounds)…

You want to check out properties in the data sheet that talk about low-temperature impact…


Greetings! I’m new here, so I am touring my way around…

I would try an LDPE. I’ve used an HDPE on a .125" thick rotomolded housing application, and it was not brittle.

Also, when it failed (in the field) the failures were just breaks, not shatters due to extreme cold or brittle material.

Check this link if you will:



I would suggest nylon or polypro. Check out the info for various versions of nylon. Glass filled and toughened.

Ok ,sound good,Ill look into those,Thanks,Dan

Thanks,I’ll check it out,Dan

Thanks,Ill check it out,dan

I sent out some emails,and got some replys,I think I’m doing better here,unless I could find a local rep maybe.I’m just learning about plastic,Thanks,Dan

O.K.,I’ll make some calls when I get a day off,friday maybe,Thanks,Dan

Be careful with glass filled materials, very durable but they will eat your mold. You will get flash at your parting lines after a few ten thousand shots, less if its an aluminum quick turn tool.

depending on the complexity of the part you may have to pick a material that has a comparable shrink rate to the material that the tool was designed for.

Usually your molder will know of a material that will get you close to what you want, and may even have something on hand to shoot samples of.

I have had good luck with Polypropylene for a similar application. Also ABS/polycarbonate blend, we once stuck a part in the freezer for a day then threw it at the concrete floor, no damage, it almost hit me in the face when it bounced.

I found a no break poly pro thats working fine,Thanks,Dan