Could you guys get this spammer off of the site

Someone is putting this in every subject: See young lesbians play with each other The identity is Pepotamo1985

Could you get rid of this

oddly i find myself tracking how many views it gets…

done. sorry for the delay.

They are doing it again

what do you have against homosexuals?

i try not to have anything against them :slight_smile:

Seriously though, it’s pretty annoying having to trawl through all these random posts -
I read the boards at work and have got into the habit of just opening all the newly added/replied to topics and then reading through them.

It could be interesting if the it department are looking at a list of pages I’ve visited…

YKH: Should I be offended that some of those posts get more views than mine?

timf: we are working on this. I keep deleting the posts in the forums I moderate, but whoever it is persistent.

why, don’t you force people to register in order to post topics or answer ?
It would save you a lot of time and make things better for everybody…

That won’t stop spammers since anybody can sign up and do the same thing like you see on other forums. Maybe only real way to stop it s getting real registration with real names and real e-mails but watch how many people go for that. If that is waht you mean then I’m all for it.

Lesbians climb trees and eat acorns.

that’s what i meant… At least you can have a little bit more “control”, as a guest i can post anything without any problem…

It’s awfully weird that he’d try these boards instead of, say, a board filled with 13-year-old pubescent gamers, or something.

Oh well. Some people are stupid.

All the posts have gotten views. Spam is a war of attrition. I knew of a spammer in Phoenix. He had to move around and get his internet connection under various business names. He would use too much bandwidth.

It’s funny that people who post as guest argue for registration…

“YKH: Should I be offended that some of those posts get more views than mine?”

you and me both.

i like fully-registered forum idea. more and more forums going that way to avoid spam. i’ll lobby for it.

Wouldn’t that be just an extra step someone would have to go through to post absurdities… not just sex sites but UFO for example? You just can’t stop them all… I suppose it would keep all the lazy people out who don’t even want to sign up…

fully-registered. no fake names. no buffer emails. no automatic sign-up. some real-world info would be provided and verified before granting access.

not sure how private forums are doing it. maybe join by reference only. like Friendster. but not sure.

I don’t feel as the Core forums have reached a critical mass in terms of a member base to be successful either:

  1. All registered with some real world info being provided or
  2. Invite only

I think it’s come a LONG way in the last year though.

Did anyone notice the new spam? I hope not, but I just deleted it from the transportation forum.